Wednesday, July 23, 2014

A trip to Cornwall, England.

After a seven hour drive from London and with no sleep for over 24 hours I was desperate to start putting up our teeny-tiny tent (with just enough space for me and my other half) so that I could fall asleep in the country air.  Luckily we had a little help from our friends and the tents were assembled in no time. Just as we were about to crawl into our tents a  sense of hunger kicked in and of course, especially me, we were unable sleep with growling stomachs.

After a lovely Mediterranean breakfast served on paper plates with plastic cutlery and of course some Turkish tea we finally managed to get some sleep. It was short lived, maybe a couple of hours at the most, however it was the most satisfying sleep I have ever had! The cows in the field across were mooing and the weather was warm. We could see the blue water from what seemed to be on the other side of the field. We decided to go to the beach and to our surprise it was a long adventure across many fields and down a rocky hill which lead to the white sandy beach,  Sennen Beach.
Here is a satellite image of the distance between the campsite and the beach. It was well worth it!

The view coming down onto the beach. Almost there! 

I was gobsmacked and could not take in how beautiful this place was and why I was never told of this place before. I lay on the sand, closed my eyes and absorbed the children laughing, the waves hitting the shore and the slight breeze sweeping my face. It was even harder  trekking back up the hill and we had to take a couple of breaks to catch our breath. The following day we done some more sightseeing and we went to another amazing beach with  crystal clear waters. I could not resist and I jumped in with my clothes! I was in my favorite place, the sea.

I did not know we had such clear waters in England!

I never thought I would enjoy camping and the countryside this much, especially being without my day-to-day necessities! In fact I am looking forward to coming back here in a couple of weeks. However this time I will invest in a larger tent and perhaps an inflatable bed :) Oh, an of course I will take many more amazing photos to cherish. 

P.S. Something we all cannot resist doing on the beach. 

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  1. Love the area. It's a little Paradise in England and nearly as beautiful as the ugliest beaches in my country. Congratulations for you blog. Keep it going